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    Please Review our Frequently Asked Questions

    Before you call, chat or email, we may have already answered your questions below. Please scan our list of frequently asked questions. If the answer is not below, feel free to contact us above. We look forward to helping you get a metabolic “upgrade” that leaves you lean, happy, revitalized and bursting with energy.

    Is The Metabolic Factor safe for diabetics?

    We can’t offer medical advice so you should check with your doctor before starting The Metabolic Factor. We have had diabetics follow this program with no problems at all, but we do ask that you modify the program as needed. Be sure you are monitoring your blood sugar levels, medications and working with your doctor.

    Does The Metabolic Factor really work and will I see results in 22 days? How much weight will I lose?

    The results will vary in 22 days. Some of our customers have lost over 20 pounds! However, most customers will lose an average of 5-15 pounds on the program.  Your results will depend on following the program as it was designed, the current state of your metabolism, your toxic load, and much more.  Please be sure that you are focused on all 5 pathways to ensure results. 

    In addition to tracking your weight, we encourage you to look at the inches lost, how you feel and how your clothes fit.  Participants also have lost many inches around their waist and hips, improved their sleep, increased their energy, eliminated or reduced their joint pain and so much more.

    I’m taking a prescription drug. Will that stall my fat loss?

    Any prescription or over-the-counter drug has the potential to stall fat loss. That does not mean you are doomed, nor should you ever reduce or eliminate a medication without your doctor’s permission. The good news is, The Metabolic Factor is the fastest, most optimal way for fast and lasting fat loss, so you have a major advantage sticking to this plan.

    I have food allergies/sensitivities and do not eat many of the foods in your recipes and shopping lists. Can I still do this program?

    Please exclude all of the foods that you are allergic or sensitive to and make the needed adjustments to our recipes while still following our guidelines.  You can easily swap your foods using the “Roll Your Own” approach which is explained in detail in our main guide.  If needed we suggest that you reach out on The Metabolic Factor secret Facebook group community for additional support and guidance.  As you make your substitutions, please be sure that you are adhering to the food chart located in your main fat loss manual.

    The Metabolic Factor is entirely gluten free during carb-controlled meals and highly recommend for carb feasts.  Every Metabolic Factor recipe is gluten-free.  All carb-controlled meals are dairy free with the exception of whey, butter and ghee.  Most people do not have an issue with these even if they have a dairy intolerance. If you do have issues with these, you can swap the whey protein for pea protein and the butter or ghee for coconut oil.

    I have to travel during The Metabolic Factor so I’ll need to eat on the road. I do bring a cooler with me but I would not be able to carry 3 days of meals. Any suggestions?

    Yes, this program can work on the road. One of our beta testers was on the road 90% of the time and she did very well and was our first place transformation winner! You may want to focus on the “Roll Your Own” approach while you’re on the road. Like any food plan, you’ll just need to think and plan ahead to be successful. Many of our meals can be prepared in advance and then reheated. 

    What days are the Carb Feasts?

    On both the basic and advanced plans, the carb feasts are on days 10, 14, 18 and 22.  This Carb Feast is only your dinner and dessert, NOT a day-long binge!

    Can this program be as effective for older people, 60+ as for those in their 20s and 30s?

    Yes. While things may slow down when you get older, the responsiveness of the body does vary. There are 80-year-olds running marathons, doing weight training and other similar activities. No matter the age, you can make major changes and lose weight.

    How do I sign up for The Metabolic Factor daily emails from Jonny?

    For now, please private message your request via Facebook to Stefanie Sherpa and she and her team will add you to the list.

    I am interested in more information on and/or purchasing Metabolic Meals for Life, Metabolic Fire, Metabolic Fuel, and/or Metabolic Aftershock. How do I go about doing this?

    Please contact The Metabolic Factor customer support representatives at 1-800-316-8556 or by emailing [email protected].  They can help answer any questions and place your order.  You can also private message Sebastian Sherpa on Facebook and he can process the order quickly.

    What is the Metabolic Mastery Club? And, how can I access and/or sign up for this exclusive membership? What is the cost?

    The Metabolic Mastery Club — or MMC for short — is our way of creating a cutting edge metabolism-enhancing, health-boosting, life-extending network you can tap into whenever you need it.  As part of your exclusive MMC membership, you’ll receive access to twice-monthly LIVE call-ins with Dr. Jonny where he’ll drill down into specific issues that may be holding you back from reaching your full metabolic potential as well as answer your questions directly, live on the call; one-of-a-kind expert metabolic training calls with the world’s foremost metabolic and health experts; weekly 5-minute On-the-Go videos where Dr. Jonny will provide easily digestible metabolic advice to keep your fat loss and health gain going; bonus recipes from The Sherpa Kitchen to keep your metabolism humming at top speed.  You can learn more here.