Are You IGF-1 Deficient?

Take The In-Home IGF-1 Health Quiz…

So how can you be sure your IGF-1 levels are healthy?

Two ways:

One way is to spend between $150 and $300, plus hours out of your day, and go to your doctor to get your blood drawn for a lab test….

… and the second way is to take my simple In-Home IGF-1 Health Quiz.

I’ve discovered that the following 5 questions can accurately determine your IGF-1 Health Status.

Do you…

Have more than an inch of body fat stored on your right love handle? Simply pinch there now.
If you can pinch more than the length of your index finger’s second joint then answer YES.

Feel sleepy after eating a rich meal, especially one hour
after eating a carb-heavy lunch? If so, then answer YES.

Currently carry more than 30 pounds of extra weight that you’ve
tried to lose at least 3 times with no success? If so, answer YES.

Have cellulite or other areas of pocket obesity, such as a lower belly
pooch, or “saddle bags” on the hips and thighs? If so, then answer YES.

Struggle with losing weight and keeping it off, even when restricting
calories or going on an exercise plan? If so, then answer YES.

If you answered yes to 2 or more of the questions above, you almost certainly need to maximize your IGF-1 levels.

However, if you answered yes to 3 or more, then your IGF-1 levels may be dangerously low…

… and you must act quickly.

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