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Lose Weight by Optimizing Your
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A hormonal discovery is rocking the weight loss world, 
and it’s going to change the way you look at fat burning forever…
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You see there is a hormone you produce naturally that helps you burn off body fat without having to restrictively diet, without counting calories, without worrying about eating fat, and without depriving yourself of your favorite carb-rich foods like bread, pasta, and even desserts.
In fact, this hormone literally “pops” your fat cells open, forcing the stored fat to be converted into energy by your body.
Best of all it targets stubborn fat and pocket obesity… Conditions too many of us struggle with.
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Natural Hormone IGF-1
Burns Fat Cells Without Restrictive Dieting
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But you’re not going to hear about this hormone on nightly news and you’re not going to read about it in medical textbooks. This is one of the best kept secrets in modern fat-burning science.
How It Works
You can think of both insulin and IGF-1 as fuel nozzles that are used to feed your cells. But the differences in the way they do it is critical to fat loss and critical to your health.
When you are a sugar burner, the primary pump delivering fuel for your cells is insulin. And this is a problem because insulin is the fat-making hormone, delivering fat-making messages that we’d prefer our cells not hear.
What’s more, insulin is darn good at its job—the more insulin you’ve got circulating in your bloodstream, the fatter you get. IGF-1, on the other hand, is a fat-burning hormone. It therefore stands to reason that when you’re a fat-burner, your cells are “listening” to IGF-1.
Which is exactly what you want.
5 Pathways
Optimizing these five IGF-1 boosters is absolutely essential to getting rid of that unwanted fat. In fact, not doing so is one of the main reasons for failure on conventional diet programs.
Pathway #1:
The first step to switching over to a fat-burning metabolism is to change your fuel mix by changing what you eat. I’m going to teach you exactly which foods you need to eliminate if you want to be a fat burner, and I’ll even explain a secret ninja tactic that boosts IGF-1 by eating the carbs you love! How great is that?
Pathway #2:
Not sleeping soundly—not reaching the deep stages of sleep—means three things to the body: it’s a huge stressor;1,2 it leads to increased appetite;3 and it throws a monkey wrench in your hormonal symphony.4 I’ll show you how to improve the quantity and quality of your sleep so you can get and stay in fat-burning mode.
Pathway #3:
Let me give you the one-sentence executive summary on stress: It makes you fat.5 When the stress hormone like cortisol goes too high, it literally tells your body to store fat around the middle, break down muscle, and further reduce your metabolic rate.6 You need to learn how to deal with stress because you simply can’t ignore it. I’ll show you how.
Pathway #4:
Few people understand how profoundly toxins can actually mess up fat-burning hormones. They damage your mitochondria,7 lead to less production of energy, damage hormonal receptors on the cell membrane, and increase oxidative damage to the cells and DNA which can age you prematurely, keep you tired and fatigued and keep your body from burning fat efficiently and effortlessly. In this program, I’ll show you how to reduce your toxic exposure and detoxify your body naturally and efficiently.
Pathway #5:
Within reason, all exercise is healthy—but exercising for health and exercising for fat loss are not necessarily the same thing. The right kind of exercise, stimulates fat-burning enzymes, gets your hormonal symphony playing like the New York Philharmonic, and takes you out of sugar-burning mode and into fat-burning nirvana. I’ll show you the most efficient way to exercise in this program, both for health and for fat loss.
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A Personal Note from Dr. Jonny…
Weight loss – this challenging, often FRUSTRATING journey – is about something MUCH more than losing a few pounds or looking better. It’s REALLY about MASTERY… of your health, your body, and ULTIMATELY your LIFE.

It’s not JUST about weight loss…it’s about personal POWER. It’s about reclaiming CONTROL of your life, MASTERING challenges, and being STRONGER than you thought you could EVER be.

It’s about BREAKING barriers you NEVER thought you could break and ultimately about being the very BEST you can be in EVERY area of your life.

One of the most touching testimonials I ever got was this: “I came to your program just for the weight loss. But I stayed because it changed my life.”

That’s what I WANT for YOU. And that’s what I know, DEEP in my heart and soul, is possible.

It’s ALL within your reach, so just take these few steps right now so you can tap into the missing link that will UNLEASH the slim, sexy, healthy person that’s been hiding inside of you ALL along.

Enjoy the journey,
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Dr. Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS (aka “The Rogue Nutritionist”) is a nationally recognized expert on accelerated fat loss, nutrition and health.
He’s a board certified nutritionist with a PhD in nutrition, a master’s degree in psychology, has earned 6 personal training certifications and has written 9 books.

Dr. Bowden has a Master’s Degree in psychology and counseling and a PhD in nutrition, and has earned six national certifications in personal training and exercise.
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