Hi there, I’m Dr. Jonny Bowden. Thanks for answering those questions.

I have your Fat Burning Type, which I’m going to share with you now.

First, I have to tell you, there’s something very surprising about your results.

Because of your Fat Burning Type, there are a few specific foods that can help you burn fat faster…

I’m talking about foods you probably assumed were “off limits,” including:

  • Desserts like decadent chocolate cake
  • Dinners like delicious pasta Bolognese
  • Or even your favorite hot pizza

Sounds crazy, right?

Well, the latest research proves:

Eating these carb-rich foods at just the right time helps activate your Metabolically Active Tissue (M.A.T.)

And that’s important. Because while M.A.T. only makes up 5% of your total body tissue…

… it burns more than 44% of your daily calories!

So it’s simple: The more active your M.A.T., the more fat you burn.

In fact, when this tissue is fully activated, everyday activities become powerful fat-torching movements.

What if simple, daily tasks like walking to your refrigerator…

…taking a casual stroll through the park…

…or even brushing your teeth…

Burned more fat calories than traditional “exercise?”

What if making your bed burned more fat than long sessions of cardio or sit-ups?

I know that’s hard to imagine now…

However, once you read this full transcript, you’ll have a personalized eating plan that makes it a reality.

This plan is proven to activate M.A.T. and
transform womenmen like you into 24/7 fat burners.

Plus, it puts you back in control of your appetite and cravings for good.

Just like it did for Jacqueline.

Jacqueline was diet-resistant and struggled with weight for most of her life...

However, after seeing this presentation she said:

“This wakes you up. It was the best thing I ever did.”

And her health improvements and weight loss back that up.

I’ll share more about her amazing transformation in just a minute.

Just like it did for Robert.

Robert was diet-resistant and struggled with his weight for most of his life.

After discovering this plan, he called it, “the singular most transformative thing in my health and nutrition journey without a doubt”.

And his results back that up.

I’ll share more about his amazing transformation in just a minute.

Plus, I’ll expose 3 “healthy” foods that poison M.A.T. and pack on belly fat.

You’ll want to avoid these belly-fattening foods at all costs.

Luckily, you can easily replace these 3 M.A.T.-poisoning foods with yummy alternatives…

Delicious foods that can help quickly restore your powerful fat-burning tissue to its youthful prime...

Now, don’t worry. This plan:

  • XDoes not force you to do any crazy exercise…
  • XDoes not make you choke down a bunch of expensive pills…
  • XAnd it’s not about trends like ketosis or intermittent fasting…

It’s a simple, proven way to help folksmen like you look better in their clothes…

Feel happier and more energetic…

And regain the motivation to do what brings them the most joy in life…

And the first step to feeling this fantastic?

You guessed it… it’s understanding your Fat Burning Type.

So let’s dive into your results right now.