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"Weight Loss Solved!"
Biggest Breakthrough Since The
Discovery Of The Calorie...

Dear Fat-Burning Friend,

If you're over 35 and struggling to lose weight...

If you’re frustrated by “pockets of fat” that seem completely resistant to dieting and exercise...

If your doctor’s warned you about your lab results, you’re sapped of energy or plagued by brain fog...

... you’ll want to know about this recent “re-discovery” that has the scientific community buzzing:

This “Body Fat Eating”
Hormone Can Also...

  • Slow Facial Aging...
  • Enhance Thyroid...
  • Improve Brain Speed...
  • Repair Joints & Bones...
  • Reduce Risk of Diabetes,
    Heart Attack & Stroke...
  • It acts like a “metabolic jumper cable” to jolt resistant body fat back to life and revitalize your health from head to toe...
  • It cracks open “diet-resistant” fat cells and creates a flood of energy the rest of your body thrives on all day long...
  • It’s not thyroid, leptin, progesterone, testosterone, estrogen, HGH or any other “fat loss” hormone you may have heard about...

It's actually a tiny “body fat eating” hormone that unfortunately plummets when we hit our 40s.

Fortunately, you can stimulate this weight loss hormone naturally in less than 10 seconds a day.

I’ll tell exactly how to do this in a moment, so as you read this letter, please give it your full attention...

It’s not some crazy exercise routine or a pill. And it can work for any man or woman, at any age.

Even if you enjoy just a fraction of the results my other clients see...

...once you apply this 10-second tip, you won’t be disappointed.

First, let me tell you this:

This Letter Was Not Easy for Me to Write...

Everyone reading this wants to lose some excess weight.

Maybe it’s 5 pounds… maybe it’s 25 pounds… maybe it’s 50 pounds or more.

As you’ll soon see, I’ve built an international reputation as a Doctor of Nutrition by helping folks like you lose weight and keep it off... naturally.

So imagine my surprise when, after 17 years in the fat-burning trenches, and so much success in the weight loss world that television shows like Dr. Oz, were begging me to appear…

… my entire career was turned upside-down by one shocking revelation from the scientific community.

As you’ll soon see:

I was dead wrong about how to burn off your most stubborn, hard-to-lose body fat...

… the fat that most diets and exercise can’t touch...

… the fat that clings to the parts of your body that embarrass you the most.

I Thought The Problem Was A Hormone Called Insulin...

In reality, the answer is a totally different hormone:

  • One your body can produce on its own...
  • One designed to gobble up extra body fat...
  • One that turns your excess pounds into energy...
  • One that boosts your brain, heart and other critical organs...
  • One that makes you look and feel like you're 10 years younger...

And let me say this:

It's Rare That Something This Revolutionary And
That Works As Promised Falls Right Into Your Lap...

Every so often we find something new that revolutionizes the way we look at things.

Something that makes things easier and more efficient.

Like when we replaced the horse and buggy with automobiles, or our clunky old rotary telephones with smart phones.

Yes, every once and a while, the extraordinary happens.

And what I’m about to share with you is just that:

It’s what is happening right now in the world of scientific weight loss.

A breakthrough that is incinerating fat better than anything I’ve seen in 17 years.

And it’s not only body fat that’s being stripped off at record speed:

You’ll notice that you look younger, feel more energetic and experience far less aches and pains that are usually associated with “aging”.


To Be Honest, I Never Thought This Would Work...
Especially For My Most Challenging Weight Loss Clients...

Just 22 Days for Average Weight Loss of 9.3 lbs...

*Results vary based on age, gender and weight.
Expected weight loss is 1.5 - 2.5 lbs. per week.

I need to come clean:

A part of me thought it would never work for my more difficult weight loss clients:

Men and women who had a lot of weight to lose, or folks who carried pockets of fat that seemed unresponsive to even extreme diets and exercise.

So I tested this on a group of 250 of the most challenging weight loss cases I had ever come across.

I followed this group for 22 days. That’s all it took to get these results:

  • Shed 9.3 pounds...
  • Dropped 3.18 inches from their waist...
  • And lost another 2.49 inches from their hips...
  • Best of all, their health improved by 29.61%!

I’ll explain how it happened this fast in just a moment.

After this amazing start, I asked myself:

If I followed these people for a year, would the weight loss stay off, or even continue?

Well... It KEPT Working! Long Past the 22 Days...

I witnessed the pounds fall off these clients faster than I thought was humanly possible…

… even though they were eating foods I once considered “forbidden”.

No matter how many times they had tried to lose weight in the past, men and women from all ages and ethnic groups were shedding their excess pounds right before my eyes.

It was as if something supercharged their fat-burning metabolism, awakening it after years, even decades of slumber.

And it was all thanks to one scientific discovery that almost slipped through the cracks...

Sheri Lost 16 lbs. in the First 22 Days...
But Went on to Lose 125 lbs. in Total!

"The first 22 days got me started in the right direction and now after 1 year... look at me now. 125lbs GONE! Thank YOU JONNY."
– Sharon W

Victor Lost 8 lbs. in the First 22 Days...
But Went on to Drop 57 lbs. in Total!

"Today I'm down 57 lbs. 44" waist down to 36". 18.5" neck down to 16"... Perfect bloodwork and I'm building muscle at age 66. Loved this program."
– Victor Zamaloff

*Results vary based on age, gender and weight. Expected weight loss is 1.5 - 2.5 lbs. per week.

The Hormonal "Re-Discovery" That Will
Change The Way You Look At Weight Loss Forever...

This discovery that’s making waves in the weight loss world is actually a “re-discovery”.

This Natural Weight Loss Hormone
Was First Discovered in 1957

The hormone I’ll introduce you to today was first discovered in 1957 by a group of scientists researching energy pathways in rats.

These initial studies indicated that it was also a very potent fat-dissolving hormone.

Then...something happened.

Something I believe was rather sinister.

Over the following decades, research into the weight loss potential of this hormone seemed to vanish from the medical textbooks.


My colleagues and I believe this was due to censorship at the hands of the diet, weight loss and pharmaceutical industries.

Let's Face Facts:

If there really was a hormone that you can produce naturally...

one that can burn off more body fat:

  • without having to restrictively diet...
  • without counting calories...
  • without worrying about eating fat...
  • and without depriving yourself of your favorite carb-rich foods like bread, pasta, and even desserts...

just imagine what that would do to the profits in those industries!

So, Did Greed Keep This Information
From Reaching Those Desperate To Lose Weight?

Weight Watchers® and Jenny Craig® alone are multi-billion dollar diet companies.

The supplement industry and the weight loss drug industry are approaching over $60 Billion Dollars in annual revenues.

How much do they stand to lose once the word gets out?

Since the pharmaceutical companies have no control over this hormone (although they’ve tried, as you’ll soon discover)...

...and simple, everyday foods eaten at specific times trigger its release…

… there is a lot of money to be lost.

Greed is a nasty, powerful beast.

And as a weight loss researcher and certified nutrition specialist who reads medical journals every day, I need to let you in on a dirty little secret:

Many journals and studies are funded by big-dollar diet and pharmaceutical companies.

So consider yourself lucky that you’re being told this now, before the hype-based marketing firms and drug companies poison the truth.

If it wasn’t for a colleague of mine with over 37 years experience in the nutrition and science field…

… and over 2,500 individual blood tests that conclusively proved his lifelong research…

I never would have believed what I’m about to share with you.

First, I’d like to share a bit of my own story...and I hope you forgive my brutal honesty as I label myself...

A Formerly Obese, Drug-Addicted Loser
Who Accidentally Cracked The Weight Loss Code...

Dr. Jonny Bowden
  • PhD in Nutrition
  • Master's in Psychology
  • Certified Nutrition Specialist
  • New York Times Bestselling Author
  • Natural Weight Loss Specialist

My name is Dr. Jonny Bowden.

People call me “The Weight Loss Myth Buster” due to my long-standing record of helping over 250,000 men and women lose weight and keep it off.

However, as impressive as that sounds, there is a somewhat embarrassing side to the story that very few know about.

For starters, I wasn’t always a healthy and fit guy.

These days, even at 69, I wake up without an alarm clock, play tennis 9-13 hours a week and can run circles around guys less than half my age.

Plus, I take NO prescription medicines for cholesterol, blood pressure or blood thinning.However, that’s today.

The embarrassing truth is that I was anything ‘but’ healthy for the first 30 years of my life.

When I was a young child, I was obese.

This lasted into my late teens and early 20s.

Kids can be cruel, let me tell you.

I suffered more insults hurled my way than I care to recall.

It didn't matter how smart, funny or sophisticated I was, my feelings about myself were defined by my weight.

And I was always the “fat kid”.

I can still hear my mother’s voice tell the department store salesman, "He's a stocky boy and hard to fit".

This permeated my WHOLE sense of self – I was hard to FIT and hard to fit in. So naturally, it wasn’t long until my struggles with weight loss and body image eventually led me down an even more destructive road.

I eventually turned to another vice. Food was no longer enough to tickle my fancy.

I became a drug addict.

I’m not ashamed to say it:

I was a loser.

The "Rock Star" Lifestyle That Almost Left Me Dead...

I lived the rock star dream that became a reality show nightmare.

I was hooked on recreational drugs until I was in my late 30s.

I toured as a musician, and believe me:

I lived the rock star dream that became a reality show nightmare.

There were many nights I should have died, and even more where I remember wishing I would.

However: Thanks to the help of a few close friends, and a woman that was like an angel to me, not only did I get clean and sober:

I Accidentally Cracked The Weight Loss Code Along The Way...

Weight Loss Solved

Here’s how:

When I decided to clean up my life, I went all the way. I went on a personal mission of renewal and education.

Everything I put into my body had to be “clean”... and that included the foods I was eating.

I discovered how food affected every aspect of my mood. I became fascinated at the idea of using food as medicine for the body and soul.

I dove headlong into school, getting my Masters in Psychology and my Ph.D. in Nutrition Science.

I went on to earn 6 advanced exercise and nutrition certifications over the next 17 years… including the prestigious CNS designation… and most important to you:

I’ve taken what I’ve learned from the mean streets and the scholastic world and combined them into a nearly foolproof weight loss program.


I’ve seen uncanny success with the clients I’ve worked with.

That is, until recently...

The Weight Loss Myth Buster Confesses:
"I Was Dead Wrong..."

It’s something I’ve never shared on television or in my books before, until now.

About 30% of my clients could not drop a pound.

And I didn’t know why.

Sure, 70% is an impressive success rate, especially considering most diets have a less than 5% chance of working.

However, The Weight Loss Myth Buster has an ego.

At 69 years young, I’m a stubborn old codger.

And some people label me as arrogant, simply because I refuse to admit that I can’t crack even the most stubborn weight loss challenges.

I admit it:

I was stumped when I came to figuring out how to get rid of really stubborn fat: the kind of fat that’s holds on for dear life no matter how hard you diet or exercise.

It’s the kind of fat you probably have, and I’ll tell you how you can know for sure in a few minutes…

… and I knew if I could figure out how to strip that fat off any man or woman out there…

… I can help YOU lose weight “like THAT”.

You know what?

The Myth of Insulin And Weight Loss...

Originally I thought the key to ALL weight loss was a hormone called insulin.

Keeping insulin levels low is one of the primary reasons why my weight loss programs of the past worked fairly well.

Less Insulin =
More Weight Loss?

You see, when insulin is high, the body cannot burn fat. And most of what you eat gets stored as fat instead of being used for energy.

Weight loss becomes next to impossible.

That’s why type 2 diabetics gain so much weight after starting insulin shots.

For 70% of my clients, simply reducing insulin by means of controlling carbohydrates is just what the doctor ordered.

Unfortunately, that meant doing without a lot of foods you enjoy. The carb-heavy goodies that make life more fun.

70% simply wasn’t good enough... and I wanted people to be able to enjoy the carbs they love.

That's when the lightbulb went off...

My Passion Was Focused On Universal Weight Loss:
Weight Loss For All Ages And Every Body Type...

Just imagine it:

Weight loss for anyone and any body type, and a plan all of us can more easily follow.

And that meant figuring out why the other 30% continued to struggle, and how to work delicious carbohydrate foods back into the plan…

… and that’s where this “re-discovered” hormone comes into the picture.

Unfortunately, virtually every diet plan out there actually prevents this hormone from functioning properly.

And that’s a big problem.

You see:

Insulin being low isn’t enough:

I found out that this other hormone needs to be high.

When this very specific combination occurs, your metabolism accelerates and punches your fat-burning gas pedal to the max.

That’s why...

Your Most Stubborn Fat Can Now Be Burned Off Faster...

Here’s the story of the other 30%: the folks who until recently I couldn’t help lose a pound…

… and how this re-discovery is giving even the most challenging weight loss cases I’ve ever come across more hope than ever before.

Problem #1: Stubborn Fat

These folks suffered from one of two conditions:

Stubborn fat or pocket obesity.

My clients who needed to lose over 30-40 pounds had what I call stubborn fat.

  • This is fat that is often resistant to even severe diets and extreme exercise.
  • It’s fat that just won’t budge...or so I thought.
  • Many of these clients wouldn’t respond to the same weight loss plans that worked like gangbusters for the others.

Since there are a lot of folks out there that want to lose 30 or more pounds, this became my point of focus.

Then there’s another problem… one seen in folks who do not need to lose much weight, but who suffer from unsightly “patches” of fat.

Problem #2: Pocket Obesity

It’s called pocket obesity.

Pocket obesity is a condition where you store more fat in specific places than others.

Places like:

  • Your love handles...
  • Your lower belly (that dreaded belly pooch)...
  • Your backside, specifically where your butt and leg meet...
  • Your arm fat that likes to wave hello and goodbye at the same time (it's the fat that all women hate)...
  • And your hips and legs... often riddled with image-ruining cellulite that I used to think was just stuck there for life.

If you have fat or cellulite in these areas that won’t budge -- no matter how much you weigh -- chances are it’s pocket obesity.

Again, you may not even be technically overweight and you can still suffer from pocket obesity.

Well, now these clients… the ones who had to lose more than 40 pounds, and the ones with pocket obesity are some of my greatest success stories.

However, it took the work of a rogue researcher whom you’ll meet in a moment…

… and seeing these results first-hand for myself to change my mind.

So, how does this “re-discovered” fat-destroying hormone work?

Picture it this way...

It's Like Opening A Metabolic Soda Can:
POP Goes Your Fat Cells!

The Hormone Pops Open and
Shrinks Your Fat Cells...

Think of this as a soda can being opened.


The can you just opened releases a familiar sound.

The contents of the can spew out into the air.

This is similar to what happens to your fat cells when this hormone is increased.

This hormone literally “pops” your fat cells open, forcing the stored fat to be converted into energy by your body.

The fatty acids inside are “spewed out” as energy into the bloodstream.

If your fat cells were a jail cell, this hormone would be the warden: the key to unlocking the cell door and letting your body use that stored fat.

Why is that important?

Your Stored Fat Is Instantly Converted Into
A Smooth And Steady Supply Of Energy As Your Body
Goes From Burning Carbs To Burning Fat Around The Clock...

Not just energy to run your brain, your organs, and your nervous system...

I’m talking about energy you actually feel.

Energy that powers you through the day, gives you more drive than you’ve had in decades, and enables you to do the things you love.

Think of it this way:

Your body has two sources of energy:

Carbohydrate, also known as glucose…

… and fat.

That’s it.

The trouble is:

Your body can only store about 2,500 calories of carbohydrate inside your muscles, liver and blood.

Yet the average person stores about 150,000 calories of fat, and your potential fat stores are virtually unlimited.2

That’s why you absolutely MUST convert your stored fat into energy...

This Is Called Your Metabolic Response...
And It's The Secret To Losing Your
Stubborn Fat And Pocket Obesity...

If your metabolic response isn't kicked into high gear, those 150,000 calories of stubborn fat or pocket obesity will stick to you like glue:

On your hips, belly, thighs, buttocks, arms, chest, and even your face.

I'll share more about the wonders of the metabolic response shortly, and how you can activate it yourself by eating the foods you love.

First, there's more good news about this unique hormone:

Your Fat Cells Will Actually Shrink When This Hormone Turns On Your Metabolically Active Tissue (M.A.T.)...

Fully Activating Your M.A.T. Burns a
Tremendous Amount of Fat Calories

This hormone not only dissolves fat from your fat cells and turns it into a 24/7 energy tap...

... it also shrinks your fat cells and helps prevent future weight gain.

That means you can lose the weight and actually keep it off.


This hormone activates a very unique form of calorie-burning tissue in your body:

It's called Metabolically Active Tissue, or M.A.T.

M.A.T. burns more calories around the clock than any other tissue in your body.

Most people struggle to lose weight because they haven't they haven't fully activated their M.A.T.

M.A.T. Is Just 5.4% Of Your Bodyweight, But
Burns More Than 50% Of ALL Your Daily Calories!

It gobbles up all of the fat that's released when this hormone pops your fat cells open. This fat is then converted into energy and used by your most metabolically active tissues:

% of Calories Burned Daily by M.A.T.
  • 25%
  • 20%
  • 15%
  • 10%
  • 5%
  • 0%

Your heart, your brain, your liver and kidneys... even your bones.

Sure, muscle burns a lot of fat too as everyone knows, but M.A.T. actually burns 255% more calories than muscle!3

Right now, these vital organs PLUS your calorie-burning muscle could be fueled and enhanced by all of that energy trapped inside your fat cells.

Fuel that could help turn back your biological clock by elevating your mood and increasing your "feel good" hormones in your brain.

  • Fuel that could be helping your heart and lungs process oxygen more efficiently, so you can go about your day with less stress and fatigue.
  • However, these organs are probably choking, stuck in 2nd gear...forced to run on the less efficient carbohydrate-fuel your metabolism is used to.
  • So, if you are someone who believes you have tried everything, yet nothing seems to work, it's most likely because your M.A.T. hasn't been fully activated.

Thanks to this new hormonal connection to M.A.T....

Yesterday's Dietary Textbooks
Are Being Burned As Cheap Firewood...

What is this wonderful fat-freeing hormone?

It's called IGF-1.

And the reason I'm embarrassed to tell you about it is simple:

For decades, doctors and nutritionists like me simply missed it.

We certainly knew about IGF-1, but until recently, we didn't fully understand it's powerful fat-burning, energy-increasing and M.A.T.-enhancing abilities.

And we certainly didn't know how to increase IGF-1 naturally in the body.

Now, the journals, textbooks, and diet books all have to be rewritten.

You might as well burn them. Consider them cheap firewood.

As of today, no one can ethically talk about weight loss without mentioning IGF-1.

It would be like discussing American History without mentioning The Founding Fathers.

Still you NEVER hear about IGF-1. Shameful!

That's why I dedicated the past few years of my career to discover how to increase IGF-1 naturally.


What Is IGF-1 And Why Does It
Burn Fat So Amazingly Well?

My life and career in the weight loss world changed forever during a conference in Boulder, Colorado.

It was there that I met the man who has done more blood work analysis on IGF-1 than anyone I know:

Dr. Dean Raffelock.

Dr. Dean Raffelock
  • Retired Quadruple-Board-Certified Doctor
  • 10,00 Patients Over 37yr Career
  • 4,500 Hours of Medical Training
  • Anayzed over 2,500 IGF-1 Lab Tests

Like a lot of people who challenge your view of things, meeting Dr. Raffelock pushed every single one of my buttons.

Frankly, I thought the guy was crazy.

"There's a reason why your stubborn fat and heavier clients struggle with weight loss... and it's not what you think."

"Weight loss and fat-burning isn't caused simply by reducing calories or controlling insulin... it's caused by the fat-freeing hormone, IGF-1."

"This creates a metabolic response in the body, accelerating and repairing an aging metabolism so it can burn fat, rejuvenate calorie-burning M.A.T. and muscle tissue, and slow the aging process."

Tall tales, or was Dr. Raffelock on to something?

I had to know the answer.

I knew about the basic mechanics of IGF-1. However, I never dreamed it could do the things Dr. Raffelock was claiming...and proving.

Decades of personal research and looking at the blood work of thousands upon thousands of his patients solidified the proof:

Not Even I Could Deny This Evidence...


That word is key.

I'm older, I'm stubborn, and I'm pretty opinionated.

However, at heart, I'm a lover of good science, and I cannot deny rock-solid evidence.

I ran Dr. Raffelock's findings by my publisher, Natural Health Sherpa. The owners were so intrigued, they both flew out to meet Dr. Raffelock.

They became living guinea pigs. They subjected themselves to his battery of tests.

He poked and prodded. He conducted a head-to-toe muscle exam on them.

He analyzed their blood using dozens of sophisticated tests...all to prove one simple truth:

IGF-1 is the single most important factor in sustainable weight loss and in creating a metabolic response that rejuvenates the body.

Well, after witnessing the results for myself, and after seeing his library of research...

...and after learning about the over 2,500 lab tests Dr. Raffelock had run that pinpointed the connection between weight loss and IGF-1...

I was forced to admit it:

He was correct.

And as you just read above:

When I applied his research to my "stubborn fat" and "pocket obesity" clients, the results were nothing short of astonishing.

The secret is found within...

IGF-1's Unique Ability To Turn On
Your Metabolic

You've heard the word "metabolism" a thousand times.

But what does it mean?

When it comes to weight loss, "metabolism" is simply your body's ability to convert fat and calories into energy...

... and how that energy is used to heal, run, and shape up your body is called Your Metabolic Response.

And IGF-1 is the master hormone that activates this metabolic response.

Once I altered the nutrition plans of my most challenging weight loss clients to include the foods that trigger IGF-1, and removed a few of the "healthy" foods that actually block it, the weight started to come off...

... and all without counting a single calorie or prescribing a tedious exercise routine...

The best part:

You Get To Eat Fat-Burning Trigger Foods That
Will Delight Your Taste Buds and
Satisfy Even Your Most Intense Cravings...

The foods I once thought were absolutely forbidden became Fat-Burning Trigger Foods:

Foods you may not believe can help you lose weight if you eat them at the right time of day.

Foods like the carbs we all love. For me, that's mouthwatering breads and rich desserts. For others, it's pasta or tasty cereals.

These foods can now be used to engage your metabolic response and create deprivation-free weight loss.

And let's not forget: these foods are fun. They make any nutrition plan a snap to stick to.

And, even better:

All Those Life-Draining "Aging Signs"
Began To Disappear Within Weeks...

Veronica Lost 20 lbs. and
Looks 10 Years Younger

"I lost 54 lbs. and 90 inches, sleep better and have more energy than I've had in years."
– Shelly Baker

*Results vary based on age, gender and weight. Expected weight loss is 1.5 - 2.5 lbs. per week.

These men and women actually looked as if they were aging in reverse.

So many of the "normal" signs of aging began to diminish.

The constant fatigue and drain so many of these clients were plagued by lifted, and a steady stream of living energy took its place.

Their skin tone improved, their hair became more full and shiny, and many of their nagging aches seemed to vanish.

Nagging allergies improved and digestive discomforts resolved.

Their moods were lifted, and their outlook on life turned more positive.

Instead of waking up dreading the day, or fretting over the things that once worried them, these folks were excited at the prospect of tackling life head-on.

All of this, thanks to a natural increase in IGF-1 levels.

I'll share the exact plan we used to do this in a moment...one that involves only real, delicious foods...

...along with a unique approach to eating that allows you a world of freedom.

So now, you and I need to determine one simple question:

Are You IGF-1 Deficient?
Take The In-Home IGF-1 Health Quiz...

So how can you be sure your IGF-1 levels are healthy?

Two ways:

One way is to spend between $150 and $300, plus hours out of your day, and go to your doctor to get your blood drawn for a lab test….

… and the second way is to take my simple In-Home IGF-1 Health Quiz.

I’ve discovered that the following 5 questions can accurately determine your IGF-1 Health Status.

Do you...

Have more than an inch of body fat stored on your right love handle? Simply pinch there now. If you can pinch more than the length of your index finger’s second joint then answer YES.

Feel sleepy after eating a rich meal, especially one hour after eating a carb-heavy lunch? If so, then answer YES.

Currently carry more than 30 pounds of extra weight that you’ve tried to lose at least 3 times with no success? If so, answer YES.

Have cellulite or other areas of pocket obesity, such as a lower belly pooch, or “saddle bags” on the hips and thighs? If so, then answer YES.

Struggle with losing weight and keeping it off, even when restricting calories or going on an exercise plan? If so, then answer YES.

If you answered yes to 2 or more of the questions above, you almost certainly need to maximize your IGF-1 levels.

However, if you answered yes to 3 or more, then your IGF-1 levels may be dangerously low...

... and you must act quickly.

Why Is Your IGF-1 Too Low?
Blame These "Hormonal Vampires" For
Sucking The Life Out Of You...

Think of a vampire.

He sucks the lifeblood out of his victims by sinking his spike-like teeth into your neck.

The following conditions are “vampires” to your IGF-1. They sink their teeth into this vital hormone and suck the life force out of it.

The primary IGF-1 vampires are...


Currently, there’s nothing we can do about aging. That’s too bad because your IGF-1 levels fall by 14% when you hit your 30s. Fall 25% in your 40s. And plummet a full 56% in your 60s.4

However, you can make your body look as if it’s aging slower by increasing your IGF-1 levels naturally with what I’m about to show you.

Our Toxic Environment

Toxins in our air, water, food and homes can block IGF-1’s fat burning signals, rendering it useless.

For example, high blood levels of the common heavy metal lead have been associated with lower IGF-1 expression.

Carb-Rich Diets

Our carb-heavy diet culture has put a massive dent into your IGF-1 production.

Eliminating junk carbs is a start, but it’s not the complete answer. And trying to eliminate carbs all-together is a big mistake.

As you’ll soon see, eating tasty carbs at the right times can actually increase your body’s metabolic response and increase weight loss.


Desk jobs, endless hours of television, and a lack of exercise:

This is robbing us of our lives… and our IGF-1.

And It's More Than Just Weight Loss:
Low IGF-1 Levels Are At The Heart Of These
4 Deadly Age-Related Diseases...

It’s not just weight loss we’re interested in when it comes to raising your IGF-1.

Virtually every age-related disease is directly tied to low IGF-1, including:

Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia

Low IGF-1 Skyrockets Risk
of Alzheimer's by 51%

It’s one of your nightmares:

Losing your mind, and eventually your sense of self.

If you’ve seen anyone suffer from the ravages of Alzheimer’s, then you know that this is a disease that turns our loved ones into the walking dead.

Low IGF-1 levels have been directly connected to memory-related disease states like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

A 2014 study in Neurology showed that those with the lowest levels of IGF-1 had a 51% greater risk for Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The study also showed that those with the highest level of IGF-1 had larger brain volume, indicating enhanced cognitive functioning.5

As you can see, raising your IGF-1 is one of the best things you can do to protect yourself and your family from this memory thief.

Osteoporosis and Diabetic Bone Disease

Bone Fracture Risk Jumps
23% with Low IGF-1

As we age, our spines tend to bend - a condition known as osteoporosis.

We also develop brittle bones, also known as diabetic bone disease.

Many people in their 60s, 70s, and 80s break their hips or shoulders simply from turning over in bed at night, or reaching into a cabinet to get a cup or a bowl.

Low levels of IGF-1 may accelerate the formation of these bone diseases.

A 2011 study in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research showed that those with lower levels of IGF-1 had a 23% higher risk of bone fractures, especially for the two most debilitating kind: hip and spine fractures.6

Elevating your IGF-1 levels to a healthy state can go a long way to protecting you from one of the most painful aspects of aging.

Heart Disease

Risk of Dying from Heart Disease
Jumps 38% with Low IGF-1

Heart disease is the leading killer of people over the age of 40, and it’s spreading like a California wildfire.

A heart attack is one the most painful, horrific experiences you can imagine.

The feeling is often described as an elephant sitting on your chest.

I describe it as an 18-wheeler backing up over your sternum.

Either way, it’s no fun.

Most people do not know that the first symptom of heart disease isn’t chest pain, or even a heart attack:

It’s death.

The vast majority of people with heart disease find out the hard and fatal way.

Fortunately for you, we now understand the connection between low levels of IGF-1 and heart disease.

A 2010 study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism found that the risk of dying from heart disease jumped 38% for every 40 ng/ml decrease in IGF-1 levels.7

Protect your heart, and give your loved ones the security they so desperately need.

Boost your IGF-1 levels, and allow your kids, grandkids, or significant other rest easier at night.

So how do you increase your IGF-1 levels naturally?

3 Added Benefits To Healthy IGF-1 Levels...

Most diets require you to track calories.

A diet that increases IGF-1 does not ask you to count calories.

It only asks you to track your progress by watching your waistline shrink, your hip and thigh fat diminish, and your body firm up.

How cool is that?

Elevated IGF-1 combined with low insulin keeps you feeling full, which means you never have to count a single calorie.

Your body will do it for you… automatically.

Your body’s hunger signals will automatically adjust, allowing you to eat freely without feeling hungry.

That’s why I call IGF-1 “your built-in Calorie Controller.”

Instead of forcing you to eat food to feed your body, IGF-1 pops open your fat cells, extracts the energy stored inside and feeds your body that way.

So why count calories when you don’t need to?

While a “fountain of youth” still eludes us, IGF-1 is the closest thing I’ve found to fulfilling the ultimate dream:

Growing older and wiser while looking younger and bursting at the seams with boundless energy.

More muscle tone and shape can appear quickly. And your skin, hair and nails all improve with healthy IGF-1 levels.

In fact, here’s a little known secret:

When you go to an expensive anti-aging clinic and pay a fortune for human growth hormone, doctors measure IGF-1 levels, just to see how well you’re doing!

A 2003 study in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society showed that higher IGF-1 levels predicted lower loss of lean muscle mass in aging men.13

And a 2013 study in the British Journal of Dermatology showed higher levels of the biologically active form of IGF-1 lead to people looking younger, by way of reduced skin wrinkling and facial aging.14

And there’s more:

As we age, we tend to suffer from what’s called MCI - or mild cognitive impairment - that leads to memory loss and “senior moments.”

We walk into a room and forget why.

We misplace our car keys.

We have trouble focusing.

Learning new things can go from fun to frustrating in a heartbeat.

Fortunately, increasing your levels of IGF-1 can “reboot” an aging brain through a process called “hippocampal neurogenesis”.

This grows new brain cells in the hippocampus, a part of the brain heavily involved in short- and long-term memory.15

This can give you a renewed feeling of clarity and focus, plus help you remember those little things, as well as the most important moments of your life.

Painful Ways To Increase IGF-1...
(Not Recommended!)

Painful Injections

It should come as no surprise that the pharmaceutical companies have a synthetic solution to low IGF-1:

Painful, expensive, and potentially dangerous injections of a hormone called HGH, or human growth hormone. HGH converts into IGF-1 in the body.

Celebrities and the ultra-wealthy have resorted to this, while all along there’s a been natural way to increase IGF-1 without the cost, pain or risk of serious side effects associated with injections.

Intense Exercise

Certain types of exercise can naturally boost IGF-1 levels. Unfortunately, this boost is temporary. It lasts only minutes.

And the types of exercise might not be appropriate for those 40+:

  • 1. extremely intense exercise,
  • 2. long duration exercise or
  • 3. heavy weights performed at a gym.

Instead, simple foods eaten at the right times can boost IGF-1… and keep it elevated for much longer.

Cold Thermogenesis

If you are willing to dunk yourself in ice water, or perhaps wear an expensive “ice vest”, you can increase your IGF-1 levels pretty quickly.

Your body has to heat itself up to survive. This heat comes from a process known as thermogenesis. And one of the key hormones responsible for thermogenesis is IGF-1.

However, there’s a big problem:

The inconvenience, the massive discomfort, and the sheer ridiculousness of this approach makes it unreasonable!

Very few of us have an ice tub handy, or an ice vest to wear around the house. And even fewer of us would actually want to try either approach!

Fortunately There Is Now A Simple, All-Natural Way To
Increase Your IGF-1 Levels And Lose Weight More Quickly...

Good news: there’s a much more convenient and far less painful way to increase IGF-1.

This is the same exact System I’ve perfected using the most stubborn weight loss cases I’ve ever come across.

This System maximizes your Metabolic Response in 3 ways:

Your ability to burn fat increases around the clock by “popping” open your fat cells...

Your muscle tone and shape improves automatically by increasing your Metabolically Active Tissue (M.A.T.)...

And your energy levels surge from the released body fat your metabolism turns into long-lasting fuel!

The Better Way to Increase IGF-1,
Lose Weight and Reverse Aging...

I've put it all into a step-by-step, day-by-day Blueprint that anyone, at any age, and at any weight can easily follow.

I believe you'll find this to be most concise and to-the-point weight loss System ever developed.

It's called...

The Metabolic Factor™ The World's First All-Natural IGF-1 Boosting
Weight Loss And Body Rejuvenation System
Designed To Give You Sustainable, Enjoyable And
Lifestyle-Friendly Fat-Burning In Just 22 Days!

The Metabolic Factor™ represents my life’s work condensed into a simple-to-read “everyday language” Blueprint that anyone can understand.

However, I didn’t do it alone.

I stood on the shoulders of the IGF-1 research giants, like Dr. Raffelock.

And I enlisted the help of the wonderful men and women that you see on this page...

… folks who have seen the results that an IGF-1-friendly weight loss plan delivers first-hand, despite being riddled with the most stubborn, hard-to-lose body fat you can imagine.

So what makes The Metabolic Factor stand apart from every “diet plan” out there?

Have a look...

Victoria Lost 40 lbs. and
Looks Like A Million Bucks!

"In the first 22 days I lost 7 lbs and then I lost 33 lbs without trying. Literally the fat just MELTED off once my body transformed from a sugar burner to a fat burner. Everyone around me comments how great I look." – Victoria Carter

James Lost 100 lbs. and
Has Actually Started Dating Again...

"I've tried many programs and lost, but the weight ALWAYS came back. With Jonny's program I lost 100 lbs and I'm still losing weight. This was a life changer. Now, I'm a new man. I've started trying new things, I've got a better outlook and I started DATING a beautiful woman. It may sound silly, but we can go on long walks now. Thanks Jonny."
– James Tutton

*Results vary based on age, gender and weight. Expected weight loss is 1.5 - 2.5 lbs. per week.

Let's Compare The Metabolic Factor To
Your Ordinary Traditional Diet...

The Traditional Diet Approach
  • Starve Yourself of Carbs
  • Count Calories
  • Makes Muscles Soft and Saggy
  • Super-human Willpower
  • Yo-Yo Weight Gains
  • One-Size-Fits-All
  • Damages and Slows Metabolism
  • Inhinbits IGF-1
  • Destroys Calorie-Burning M.A.T.
The Metabolic Factor Approach
  • Feast on Carbs
  • Never Count Calories
  • Tightens and Tones Muscle
  • Hormones Control Hunger & Cravings
  • Consistent Weight Loss
  • Customized To Your Unique Body Type
  • Repairs and Improves Metabolism
  • Increases IGF-1
  • Fully-Activates Calorie-Burning M.A.T.

Here's What You'll Receive Today
When You Pick Up The Metabolic Factor Now...

Just have a look at everything you're about to get:

Retail Value $37
The Metabolic Factor IG1-1 Booster Blueprint:
Your 22-Day Guide To The Most Enjoyable Weight Loss Ever!

Written in a cut-to-the-chase manner you can breeze through, The Metabolic Factor Blueprint is your complete guide to rapid body changes over the next 22 days.

How quick of a read?

Thanks to the latest research on IGF-1 and the natural foods that stimulate its production, I was able to trim the original version from 300 pages…

to a mere 75 pages.

No fluff, and straight to the point… 75 simple-to-read pages with an outline you can absorb and apply within a matter of minutes.

  • Plus, using the Metabolic Factor Daily Nutrition Planner that’s included, you’ll never have to guess what to eat next, or when to eat your next cheat treat.
  • It’s all laid out for you in the easiest plan I’ve ever created: one that’s built around “food freedom”, and enjoying delicious carbohydrate feast treats at just the right time to induce even greater weight loss.
  • It’s a Plan that kicks your body’s Metabolic Response into action as it awakens your metabolically active fat-burning tissue in just 22 days.

22 days. That’s all it takes!

The secret to the Blueprint’s success is its ability to increase IGF-1 naturally using 5 specific natural IGF-1 Boosters:

Includes These 5 All-Natural IGF-1 Boosters

Booster #1: IGF-1 Craving-Killers...

My “Craving-Killer” Foods include 3 simple snacks that stop sugar urges and hunger pangs dead in their tracks and help increase IGF-1 even more! You're absolutely gonna love these tasty treats!

Booster #2: IGF-1 Movements...

This may sound crazy, but for 22 days I don’t want you to “exercise”. Instead, I’m going to give you such a simple movement… one that anyone at any fitness level can do… that will dramatically boost IGF-1!

Booster #3: IGF-1 Sleeping...

You’ll use my “15-Minute IGF-1 Sound Sleep Technique” to
open the floodgates for the best sleep of your life, along with elevated IGF-1. This repairs your body, rejuvenates your metabolism, and awakens you to the best natural energy you’ve had in years!

Booster #4: IGF-1 Stress Relief...

You’ll love my “4-minute Relaxation Relief” that neutralizes your body’s most damaging stress and belly fat-storing hormone. This hormone is the arch enemy of IGF-1, and right now I can promise you that this aging and fat-making hormone is running rampant. We’ll fix it in 4 minutes!

Booster #5: IGF-1 Detox...

Did you know there’s a 15-minute “Spa-Like Experience” that you can create in your own home for less than a few pennies? This allows your body to effortlessly release the toxins
you’ve stored
over the years that are preventing you from losing weight and feeling healthy!

Retail Value $17
The Metabolic Factor Quick Start Guide...

I get it:

You’re in a hurry.

That’s why I condensed the entire Metabolic Factor Plan into a “skim it in seconds” Quick Start Guide.

You’ll get the gist of the Program in less time than it takes to look over the menu at your favorite restaurant…

...and you’ll be off to the races, burning more fat and living the energetic lifestyle you so richly deserve.

Retail Value $17
The Metabolic Factor Progress Tracker...

Even though your Metabolic Response will be reset in just 22 days, I have
found that having a simple daily calendar to track your results is not only helpful…

… it’s a lot of fun!

I created something unique: a way for you to visually track the fat loss from specifics parts of your body:

The places where you most want to lose weight.

You’ll also be able to gauge your Metabolic Response, and how quickly it’s increasing.

That’s how you’ll know your metabolism is burning away that hard-to-lose fat instead of relying on burning carbohydrates for fuel.

  • Plus you'll really take notice of the "little things" that dramatically improve your life...
  • ... like the disappearance of your allergies, relief from early-morning aches and pains, resolved digestive issues, how fantastic you sleep, and so much more!
  • You'll find that these little changes add up to massive improvements in how you look and feel, as well as even faster weight loss results.

Retail Value $27
The Metabolic Factor 10-Minute Meals...

How would you like to have a ton of delicious, easy-to-make recipes at your fingertips…

… recipes designed with the entire family in mind, including the kiddos…

… with the majority of them taking 10 minutes or less to prepare…

… and simple, common ingredients you can find at any local grocery store?

Believe it:

We’ve figured out exactly how to make the pickiest eater in your family a super happy camper…

Includes Dozens of
Metabolic Milkshake

… while giving you the flavors you crave, the tastes you love, and the free time that you may have never imagined was possible.

That’s what you’ll receive in our tastebud-tempting collection of 10-Minute Meals...PLUS:

I’m including your exact day-by-day, meal-by-meal plan that you can customize based on your personal preferences and tastes.

And I’m including my delicious Metabolic Factor Milkshake Recipes!

You and the entire family will love the feeling of having a dessert for breakfast that burns fat and keeps you healthy.

Retail Value $97
Metabolic Motivation™

I am a big believer in taking my clients by the hand.

These are smart, busy people, much like yourself.

And it really helps to hear from me daily, even if it’s just a few words of encouragement, or a reminder here and there.

That’s why I created my 22-Day Metabolic Motivation™: daily email messages that will give you guidance, tips, and inspiration.

It’s like having me walk beside you throughout the 22-day Metabolic Response Reset, as you watch your body transform before your eyes!

And There's More:

When you order today, you'll also get my top 3 IGF-enhancing bonuses at no extra cost.

These include advanced tips and techniques to accelerate weight loss. I've also included a special surprise bonus that I've never offered to anyone... anywhere, so check it out below:

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Free Bonus #1:
The Top 50 IGF-1 Trigger Foods...

Why not add even more delicious foods to your 22-day menu… and even better:

You’ll know exactly what foods trigger your Metabolic Response by boosting IGF-1, so you can fully activate your M.A.T. and keep losing weight for as long as you desire.

Whether you’re grocery shopping, at a restaurant, hitting a fast food joint, or enjoying a meal on vacation, you’ll know exactly which foods trigger IGF-1, and precisely the foods you should avoid at specific times in the day.

These IGF-1 Trigger Foods can accelerate your metabolism, give you consistent weight loss, fantastic energy, that toned and sleek body we all desire, and much more!

Retail Value $17
Free Bonus #2:
5 Worst Exercise Mistakes That Kill IGF-1 And
Destroy Your Metabolic Response...

Once your stored body fat is “popped open” and your body is using it for fuel around the clock, your energy is going to be surging.

And you’ll actually “want” to move more.

However, as wonderful as exercise is, there are specific types of exercise that, surprisingly, can interfere with IGF-1 production.

I’ll tell you what forms of exercise to avoid or minimize so you can make sure your IGF-1 levels are operating at peak fat-burning efficiency.

Retail Value $27
Free Bonus #3:
The World's 7 Most Powerful IGF-1 Booster

While supplements alone won’t do the trick, there are 7 specific all-natural ingredients that, when combined with The Metabolic Factor Plan, can accelerate your results by increasing IGF-1 even further.

I’ll share my personal experience with these natural “metabolic enhancers” and the exact form and precise potency for maximum IGF-1 stimulating effect if you so desire.

These are optional, but some folks want to turbo-charge their Metabolic Factor results… so now you can if you like.

Retail Value $197 x4
My Metabolic Factor Super Bonus
Weekly Personal Coaching Calls From Dr. Bowden!

I’ve seen what this kind of weight loss success can do to you.

The changes you’ll see in your body will make you feel amazing, and it may actually be a bit of an adjustment.

This kind of dramatic mind, body and spirit transformation can often be an overwhelming experience to some folks.

So rest easy: I want to personally coach you through this transition phase and into the lean, active, and healthy next phase of your life!

That’s why I’m including FOUR (4) of my $197 per-session Coaching Calls with your purchase today… absolutely FREE.

There’s a reason I’m doing this:

  • Once IGF-1 is working for you, the elation you’ll feel is often matched by needing to make a few transitions in your personal life.
  • Some friends will be jealous, while others will compliment and praise you.
  • Your significant other may be supportive… or they may be a bit scared if they feel you are becoming more attractive physically.

That sounds strange, but I’ve seen this happen.

If you’ll remember, my Master’s Degree is in Psychology.

I’ve coached literally thousands of clients over the hurdles of success, as well as unexpected life challenges that may come up.

And now, I’m going to coach you.

Normally I charge $197 for each coaching session.

However, I wanted to give this to you as a special Super Bonus at no extra charge… so I’ve taken the four TOP RATED coaching calls I’ve ever done…

...and once every week, I am going to send them to you personally to keep you right on track.

And, at day 22, you’ll receive my “What To Do Next” Coaching Tutorial so you’ll be able to effortlessly transition into a full-time Metabolic Factor Fat-burner…

...and keep your weight loss going for as long as you like!

My Publishers Laughed Out Loud When I Revealed
The "Ridiculous" Price Of The Metabolic Factor System...

An Idea to Make this
Affordable for Everyone

A simple bout with a calculator will reveal my publisher’s retail price for The Metabolic Factor System:


And that’s excluding my four private coaching sessions valued at almost $800.00.

That means if you ordered each of these individual components and the private coaching, you’d be looking at a whopping $1,071.00.

Now, despite the fact The Metabolic Factor is easily worth this much money, I decided to do something… a little bit crazy.

First, I told my publisher that I was giving way my 4 coaching calls free of charge. The reason is simple: I know for a fact these calls will help guarantee your success, plus make the transition into a leaner, healthier version of you virtually seamless.

That knocked almost $800 right off the top.

Then it hit me:

  • If you will simply promise me that you'll listen to these 4 coaching calls during your 22 days on The Metabolic Factor System, I can more than double the sales, simply from your word-of-mouth praise.
  • After all, anything that generates weight loss this rapidly tends to be the talk of the town. You will gladly be my walking, talking "billboard" of success after just 22 days.
  • I'm more than willing to take that chance, and that means I can discount the price of the entire System all the way down... to just $97.

But You Won't Pay That Either...
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I approached my publisher, Natural Health Sherpa, with my plan for getting the cost down even further…

… and rather than applauding me, they literally laughed out loud.

“That’s ridiculous Dr. Bowden… I mean, we get the fact that this is the most important work you’ve ever done…”

“... but if we sell it for less $97, we’ll all go broke.”

Well, as great as a deal as $97 is, I knew I could do better if I took even more of a risk.

So I convinced my publisher to pre-order 40,000 copies of The Metabolic Factor System, so we could negotiate a massive discount with our printer.

And that’s why I can offer you the remarkably low price you see below for the COMPLETE Metabolic Factor System.

This is such an insane discount, I’m not even positive that it’s still available. You’ll have to check below.

After these few copies are sold, we have to go up in price to an already radically discounted $97 for the entire System.

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The Metabolic Factor 60-Day Guarantee:
If You Don't Lose Weight and Enjoy Every
Single One Of These 7 "Lifestyle Upgrades",
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I’ve created a 60-Day “Prove It To Yourself” Guarantee Checklist that you will use to literally measure your body-rejuvenating results.

On the off-chance you don’t check off all 7 of these “Lifestyle Upgrades”, you won’t owe me a single penny.

That’s my personal guarantee to you.

Here is your “Prove It To Yourself” Guarantee Checklist:

You notice it in your clothes. Pick out a pair of pants or a dress that doesn’t fit the way you like. If you can’t wear it comfortably in 22 days, then guess what? I’ll pay for your program… every penny.

Your friends take notice. If you don’t receive at least 3 verbal compliments on your improved appearance from your friends, family, or even strangers, then guess what? I’ll pay for your program… every penny.

You feel better. If your daily mood doesn’t improve, if you don’t experience fewer aches and pains, if you don’t see and experience a newfound surge in your physical energy, if you don’t feel as if your digestion is night-and-day better, and if you don’t enjoy the best sleep of your life… guess what? I’ll pay for your program… every penny.

You think more clearly. Watch what happens between your ears… you’ll experience a sharper memory, faster thinking, ease of focus, and even more enjoyable dreams. And if you don’t, guess what? I’ll pay for your program… every penny.

You simply look better. It’s not just your waistline we’re talking about here… or your hips… or your legs. Your skin tone will improve, your hair will appear thicker and more shiny, your nails will become less brittle, and even those soft line and wrinkles will start to smooth away. And if not, guess what? I’ll pay for your program… every penny.

Your love life soars. If your partner or future partner doesn’t notice a difference in your love life, and if you don’t feel a shift in your drive, performance, and pleasure, then guess what? I’ll pay for your program… every penny.

This is the easiest diet ever! Simply put, if you don’t feel that this is the easiest, most family-friendly, lifestyle-happy nutrition plan you’ve ever experienced, then guess what? I’ll pay for your program… every penny.

So click on the button below right now to secure your Fast Action Discount and rest easy with my 7-Point Satisfaction Guarantee Checklist!

Listen To What Others Are Saying
About The Metabolic Factor!

Pat Lost 165 Lbs. in Total!

"My cardiologist got so excited the first time he saw me after my transformation. He said what I did was unheard of. I have lost 165 lbs over all. My advice is to trust the program in ALL AREAS exactly as its written."Pat Eppler

Together we lost 53lbs.

"Originally my goal was to 'lose a bag of dog food' which for us and our yellow lab is 26lb. and I'm almost there! So far, I've lost 24 lbs and my husband has lost 29lbs."Lois & John Cummuta

From 34% to Just 19% Body Fat

"This 56 year-old grandmother went from 34% body fat down to 19% on Jonny's program. It's NEVER too late to turn your health around."Robi R.

44 Pounds – Gone!

"After the 22 days, the fat just seemed to melt away, especially in my arms and belly."Linda Tutton

"I went from a size 22 to 16/18 and lost 30 pounds. What felt like I imagine heroin addiction, my sugar and carb craving are basically gone....first time ever."Ellison J.

"I had bloodwork done in November and my numbers were much improved over last year. I have seen my BMI go from 35.6 to 28.1. I have lost 50 pounds, and over 90 inches. Thanks so much!" I am sleeping much better and have more energy than I have in years."Shelly B.

"Jonny has changed me and my husband's life. I've lost 58 lbs total and my husband has lost 55. It has been a life change for both of us – so thankful!"Patricia S..

*Results vary based on age, gender and weight. Expected weight loss is 1.5 - 2.5 lbs. per week.

Choose The Best Path For You Right Now...

Please join me on the Metabolic Path and experience the joy of sustained weight loss, abundant energy and a completely transformed life!

The power of choice is one of the greatest personal liberties you and I enjoy.

Tonight, as you connect with friends, your significant other, or a family member, you will be able to proudly say:

“Today, I made a choice that will affect the rest of my life.”

Before I go, I’d like to walk with you down two possible paths you can choose today.

The first is the path you’re currently struggling to maintain.

The road is jagged and rough.

The challenges you face are frightening.

And right now, you have no one helping you find your way.

If you choose to continue on this path, please just be aware that things will only get more difficult as the days, months and years pass.

Your IGF-1 levels, which naturally decline with age unless you take action, will continue to plummet…

… perhaps to the point to where those deadly aging diseases take root and destroy your life well before your time…

… or maybe you’ll just have to suffer from continued weight gain, lack of energy, and simply feeling “old”, even if you’re not.

Not too long from now, you may even give up.

You may just toss in the towel, and resign yourself to leading half a life.

A life where your body betrays you at every turn.

A life where celebration and joy are limited by your physical, emotional, and even spiritual well-being.

A life less spectacular than you truly deserve.

This is not the path I would choose for you… but only you can choose correctly.

Only you have that power.

The power to choose The Metabolic Path.

Here’s what 22 days on The Metabolic Path can look like for you.

  • Just hours after you begin The Metabolic Factor Program, you begin to notice a small shift in the way that you feel.
  • It's subtle at first... a wave of unexpected energy, a burst of excitement, a bit of eager anticipation for what lies ahead for you.
  • Then, at about day 5, you move from "subtle" to "Oh, wow!"
  • You begin to notice that your waistline looks slimmer as you pass by your bathroom mirror.
  • Your face has lost its puffiness, and your clothes are already begin to drape off of your body.
  • By day 11, you notice that you're not even thinking about food, or watching what you're eating.
  • You're simply eating and enjoying it while your internal calorie counter automatically manages your hunger for you.
  • Today, a friend complimented you, saying, "Did you just get back from vacation? You look so refreshed! What are you doing differently?"
  • Others are noticing too... and by day 15, you are swimming in positive reinforcement.
  • Your energy today has reached a level you haven't experienced since high school.

You see changes in your body every day… from the inches leaving those stubborn areas that used to plague you, to your skin tightening and improving…

...revealing that younger, slimmer you that your family remembers, and that you never thought you’d see again.

It’s now day 22, and life has taken on a whole new dimension:

You are truly alive.

Your relationships are thriving.

Your body is back under your control.

Your vitality is apparent to everyone who sees you.

The way you feel, look, and move finally makes you feel a sense of contentment…

… and now, you have the rest of your life to look forward to…

...in a body that will empower you to live it to the fullest.

Which path sound like the smart choice?

There’s only one:

The Metabolic Path.

Click the button below to reserve you copy of The Metabolic Factor to get started on that path today. I’ll be walking beside you, all the way to the end.

Yours in Metabolic Health, Dr. Jonny Bowden, Ph.D.

P.S. Please understand that I can only offer my 15-Minute Fast Action Discount to a few lucky readers today.If the timer on the page is still counting down, then you may be in luck:

Commonly Asked Questions

Here’s a few of the questions I receive on a regular basis.

If you are still not convinced that The Metabolic Factor is your best possible choice for losing weight and rejuvenating your body, then please, keep reading…

Q. How fast will I see and feel results?

Most people report feeling results on The Metabolic Factor in as little as 48-72 hours. You’ll probably notice a pleasant lift in your mood, an increase in your energy, and even some weight loss during your first few days. Since the plan is only 22 days long, you’ll notice (and others will notice) many physical changes very quickly.

One thing I should warn you about: some of the changes you’ll feel will happen so quickly, they make come as a bit of a shock to you and those around you. You’ll probably be asked a lot of questions about what you’re doing, or “Say, did you just go on a vacation? You look 10 years younger!” This is to be expected. Rapid changes often bring about a lot of curious questions, but it’s a small price to pay.

Q. What happens when I finish the 22-day Metabolic Factor Plan?

Your post-Metabolic Factor 22-Day Plan is very simple. The foods you can eat actually increase as The Metabolic Factor becomes a part of your lifestyle. I cover exactly what to do in The Metabolic Factor Blueprint. The good news is that you won’t have to think about it: your eating and cravings will be put on autopilot during the first 22 days as IGF-1 becomes your built-in “Calorie Controller”. This makes sticking to the plan a piece of cake. (And yes, you can actually have a piece of cake!)

Q. Is The Metabolic Factor Safe?

The Metabolic Factor is one of the safest nutrition plans I’ve ever used. The delicious, nourishing foods you’ll be eating are loaded with heart-healthy omega-3 fats, age-fighting antioxidants, inflammation-cooling phytonutrients, muscle-firming protein, toxin-removing veggies and metabolism-boosting vitamins and minerals and more.

As always, you will want to pass the plan by your physician, but I’ve yet to hear a doctor give anything but praise once he or she sees the healthy foundations and lifestyle-friendly suggestions within The Metabolic Factor.

Perhaps a better question is, “Is it safe to do without this plan?” Remember: low IGF-1 levels are conclusively linked to disease states like Alzheimer’s, heart disease, bone disease, and brain disorders. It’s for this reason I consider it urgent that you boost your natural levels of IGF-1 as quickly as possible.

Q. Do other nutrition plans increase IGF-1?

If they do, it is by accident, not design. The Metabolic Factor is the first plan of its kind designed specifically to boost IGF-1 without resorting to dangerous, expensive, painful drugs.

Q. Can I take injections or supplements to increase IGF-1?

You can take HGH (Human Growth Hormone) injections, as HGH converts into IGF-1...although at tremendous expense and risk to your health. Obviously I cannot recommend this. There are several supplements that boost IGF-1 when used with The Metabolic Factor Meal Plan. I’ll share more about these on the next page after you order.

Q. Can my kids enjoy The Metabolic Factor menus?

Absolutely! The Metabolic Factor Meal Plans are routinely used by entire families, and kids absolutely love the taste! And since you’ll be enjoying all kinds of carb-rich foods, your kids may never know they’re eating “healthy”.

Q. Do I have to do any exercise to experience increased IGF-1?

While exercise can increase IGF-1, it’s effects are only temporary. Plus, the extremely intense exercises required to boost IGF-1 may not be appropriate for most. I suggest moderate walking during your first 22 days as your metabolism heals and your metabolically-active fat burning tissue becomes fully activated. After that, you may find that you feel like moving more. The key is to do what makes you happy!

Q. My brother tried Metabolic Factor and lost 19 lbs in 22 days. Is this to be expected?

This much weight loss that quickly is not ideal. While some do experience results like this due to the power of IGF-1 and starting at a higher weight, I much prefer that your weight loss is a bit more gradual. This will give your body and skin time to adapt to the changes.

Q. Is there a money-back guarantee?

YES – but we actually offer something even better! The Metabolic Factor offers the only 7-Point Checklist that guarantees results in SEVEN (7) specific, measurable ways, or I will pay for your program. You won’t be out a single penny unless all 7 of these Lifestyle Improvements are clearly present. It’s the only money-back guarantee of its kind anywhere on the planet! I’m that positive The Metabolic Factor will deliver results.

Q. Since starting The Metabolic Factor, my husband is telling me that I look a lot younger. I feel younger, that’s for sure. Is this a common experience? What’s causing it?

Other than weight loss, looking and feeling younger is one of the most commonly reported “side effects” of The Metabolic Factor. Joints can feel better, skin tone can improve (with wrinkles actually smoothing out and fading a bit), pep increases, mobility can return, and your mood can go from down and out to “bright blue sky” in a matter of days. This is what can happen when your M.A.T. becomes fully activated.

Part of what’s causing this youth-enhancing effect is IGF-1. It’s as close to a true “anti-aging” hormone as I’ve ever seen. However, this is also related to insulin levels being lowered, and a natural response to losing excess weight. You always feel better when you look better!

Q. I’ve tried The Atkins Diet, going “Paleo”, becoming a vegetarian, The Zone Diet, The South Beach Diet, and so far nothing worked. I always put the few pounds I lose right back on. How is this plan any different?

What I find the most rewarding is when folks like you—folks who have struggled for years, even decades to lose the weight and keep it off—find their bodies changing before their eyes while on The Metabolic Factor Plan. Something that works this well rarely comes along, so it’s always nice to hear from men and women like you see below who, like you, have tried just about every diet known to mankind...and they’ve been let down. The Metabolic Factor will give you more than results. It will restore your hope in what’s possible for you, your body, and your life.

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